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10 Safe Features You Need To Know

Safes are an essential part of every home. They keep valuables safe and secure and provide peace of mind. However, there are different types of safes available, each with its own unique features.

There are two main types of safes: hard safes and soft safes. Hard safes are usually made of steel and are used to store valuable items such as jewelry, cash, and guns. Soft safes are usually made out of plastic and are used to store documents, electronics, and other small items.

Here are some of the most common features of safes:

1. Lockable – A lockable safe is the safest option because it prevents anyone from opening the safe without the owner’s permission. It also makes sure that no one can steal your belongings while you’re away or asleep.

2. Fireproof – Safes should be fire-resistant so they don’t catch on fire when exposed to heat sources like a stove burner or fireplace. This feature helps prevent fires in homes where people use stoves or burn wood for heating purposes.

3. Watertight – If water gets inside the safe, it could cause damage to its contents. Therefore, all safes must have this feature.

4. Security Alarm System – An alarm system will alert authorities if someone tries to open the safe. The best security systems include motion sensors, which detect movement within the house. These alarms send alerts through smoke detectors, doorbells, and even cell phones.

5. Access Control – Some safes come equipped with access control technology. With these devices, only authorized individuals can enter the safe. You’ll need to set up codes before giving others access to the safe.

6. Combination Safe – Most safes require users to input combination numbers into a keypad to gain entry. There are many options for how long the code needs to be entered. For example, some safes allow four digits; however, others may ask for six or more.

7. Electronic Keypads – Many safes now offer electronic keypads instead of traditional dial combinations. Instead of using keys, you simply press buttons to get into the safe.

8. Time Locks – When time locks work, they automatically close after a certain amount of time has passed. Once the timer expires, the safe open by itself.

9. Digital Display – In addition to being able to see what number is currently displayed, digital displays show the current date and time.

10. Battery Backup – All safes should have battery backup power. Without electricity, the safe won’t operate properly.

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