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The price of a locksmith will differ based on service needed and your location.

A locksmith’s services can be beneficial in instances that you’re stuck and locked out of your house or car, or you’re required to install new locks put in place to ensure security.

A locksmith can cut a key without the original by using a key code or by creating a new key through a process called impressioning.

A car locksmith specializes in working with car locks and keys, while a door locksmith works with residential and commercial door locks. While they are different specializations, there locksmiths that qualify as both car locksmith and door locksmith.

Locksmiths can open doors without having to replace locks as they employ tools specially made for this function. They also have other methods such as picking locks. It is important to note that they’ll attempt to limit any damage as much as they can and always seek the permission of the owner when damage must be avoided.

A locksmith can give every door in an apartment identical keys through rekeying. This is basically the process of duplicating the key for all the doors in the apartment.

Locksmiths will require proof of ownership, such as IDs and verifying information. They may also ask neighbors just to make sure that you own the house they are unlocking.

The easiest way to open a locked door without a key is to hire a professional locksmith to open it for you, safely and without any legal ramifications as long as you can prove that you own the house.

Our locksmiths are unable to unlock doors if you cannot provide proof of ownership. There are also high end locks and security measures that require industrial grade equipment to unlock. For locks like this, it is best to contact us in advance so we can prepare and send people with the necessary equipment.

If you contact a locksmith, you need to indicate the address along with the explanation of the problem with the lock or key as well as contact details. It is also essential to confirm the credentials of the locksmith and request an estimate of cost prior to service being provided.