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5 Common Home Security Mistakes

Home security is a serious concern lately as the crime rate is rising. There are a lot of things that you can do to protect your home and family. But it’s not as simple as getting an alarm system and sticking it in your home. When you are trying to protect your home, you have to look at every aspect of home security. 

Home security is a commonly overlooked factor when it comes down to safeguarding the safety and value of your home. These days, you never know who might enter your home and what they’re capable of doing. If one wants to prevent getting burglarized or just break-in for that matter, there are several things not to do. Home security experts have highlighted five common mistakes people often make when it comes down to keeping their homes safe.

1. Doors and Windows Are Not Locked When Away

A house that doesn’t lock its doors and windows is just asking for trouble. In fact, you’d be surprised at how unsecured a lot of homes in the neighborhood are because homeowners believe they’ll only be away from their home for as little as 10 minutes, but unfortunately, that could very well be enough time for your precious valuables to be stolen. Burglars don’t waste any time when it comes to thievery. They’re looking for target-rich environments where no one’s watching or keeping track of them while they commit their crimes. It’s not even up there with what people often forget to do – it can also mean leaving an object slightly ajar like a door, window, or filing cabinet drawer. Having implemented proper security measures in your home will you feel better knowing that a burglar isn’t going to walk in undetected no matter how quiet he/she tries to sneak!

2. Hiding Spare Keys Outside

It can be baffling when you have a hidden key outside that you always keep in case you ever get locked out of your house. But most of the people who plan to break into your house will already know where to look for it. They look for real rocks, flowerpots, fake plants, or even genuine potted plants because they know how hard it is for the homeowners themselves to find their own keys in the morning. If there’s a chance you might lose your keys or if leaving them somewhere makes you feel uneasy, maybe it would be better after all if instead of hiding this key outside, you hide it inside! Sorry to disappoint anyone who plans on breaking in through our back door!

3. Poor Security at the Second Floor

People tend to think that burglars can’t reach their second-story windows. But in fact, burglars will try them if they think there’s a possibility of theft or even vandalism. While you may believe your second-floor windows are safest from any potential burglars, this isn’t necessarily true! If your house looks like an easy target and it seems like a window on the second floor is the easiest way for thieves to get in, they will go for it. Don’t assume that a climb up a ladder and breaking through glass is too difficult because some brazen criminals could very well find a way to do it. The best way to combat this threat is by making certain all second-story windows are secured when you’re away from home and never leaving interior doors or windows open that may allow access throughout the house. 

4. Bushes near the Perimeter of the House

Just like your home’s fence, landscaping adds privacy and security to a home or commercial building. Some plants can provide the illusion of higher walls, which can help deter potential criminals from targeting your home. Low-lying shrubs and trees placed near the perimeter of the building act in much the same way as a traditional privacy fence by obscuring those insides from view by those on the outside looking in. Slanted tree branches or tall, bushy bushes should be planted at least six feet away from any home’s exterior walls so as not to obscure ground-level views into windows or other areas protected by the natural fences.

5. Signs that Nobody is at Home

Taking a vacation is a great idea, but you want to ensure that you have a nice quiet place to escape to where you can relax and get away from everything without all of your neighbors knowing the details. Do not make this mistake: if you have a subscription to the newspaper, put it on hold while you are away or opt for digital options instead. If you receive any packages during your travels – arrange with your trusted neighbor to collect any deliveries and check out your home when they go on walks next time.

Most burglars are opportunists who only break and enter when they have time, resources, and information that leads them to believe the job won’t be risky or that there’s something valuable they can sell off quickly. Others will do a great deal of homework. The latter is going to be vastly more likely to break in if you have an alarm system that hasn’t been routinely armed.

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