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All About Door Keys and Lock Rekeys Services

If you own a home, then you probably have keys to your house. If you want to keep your house safe, then you should also have a key rekey service. A key rekey service is a company that specializes in making new keys for homes. They can make new keys for locks that were lost or broken.

Key Rekeying Service: How Does It Work?

A key rekey service will come into your home and replace the old lock with a brand-new one. The process of replacing an existing lock usually takes about 30 minutes. Once they are done, they will give you a copy of the replacement key so that you can use it whenever needed. 

The first thing that you need to do when hiring a key rekey service is to find out if they offer free estimates. This way, you won’t be wasting time on unnecessary calls. You may ask them how much their services cost. Some companies charge per hour while others charge by the job. Make sure that you get a written estimate before signing any contracts.

You might not know what kind of tools they use during the rekeying process. Therefore, it would be best if you hire someone who has experience doing this type of work. Ask them if they carry all the necessary equipment such as drill bits, wrenches, etc. Also, check whether they provide insurance coverage. In case something happens to your property, you don’t want to pay for damages.

You must ensure that the person you choose does quality work. Check online reviews from previous customers. Look at customer feedback and testimonials. Read through comments left by other people regarding the same business. Do some research on the internet to see if there are complaints against the company.

How Much Will Key Rekeying Cost?

There are many factors that determine the price of key rekeying services. These include the size of the area where the door needs to be replaced, the number of doors that require rekeying, and the complexity of the task. For example, if you live in a large apartment complex, then you could expect to spend more than $100 just to change two locks. However, if you only need to change one lock, then you can save money because most key rekey services charge based on the square footage of the building.

What Are Common Reasons Why People Need To Change Their Locks?

There are several reasons why homeowners decide to change their locks. One reason is security. When you lose your keys, you cannot access your home. Another reason is privacy. Many times, we leave our houses unlocked even though we think no one else knows about it. We often forget to lock up after using the bathroom or showering.

When you lose your keys, it becomes difficult to open your front door. Sometimes, you end up spending hours trying to figure out which key opens the lock. That means you miss important things like appointments, meetings, and family gatherings.

Another common problem is forgetting to lock your car. Most cars these days have remote entry systems. As long as you remember to press the button inside the vehicle, you can unlock the door without having to go back to your house. But sometimes, you accidentally hit the wrong buttons. Then, you have to wait until morning to drive away.

In addition to those problems, losing your keys can cause damage to your belongings. Your wallet gets stolen; your laptop gets damaged, and your jewelry box gets opened. It doesn’t matter how careful you are with your valuables. Someone will always try to steal them. The worst part is that thieves usually break into your house right after stealing your stuff. So, you’ll never recover everything.

Key Rekeying Tips: How Can I Keep My Home Safe From Burglars?

It’s easy to become careless when you’re busy working outside. You may let your guard down while leaving your house. This makes burglaries easier. Thieves can easily get past locked doors. And once they enter your home, they won’t hesitate to take anything valuable.

To prevent burglary, you should install an alarm system. An alarm system alerts you whenever anyone tries to force his way into your home. There are different types of alarms available today. Some are motion-activated, others sound an alert every time someone enters the premises. Others use sensors that detect intruders’ footsteps.

You don’t necessarily need to buy an expensive alarm system. In fact, some people prefer not to pay extra fees for installing an alarm system. Instead, they choose to rely on burglar bars instead. Burglar bars work by blocking any intruder from entering through windows or sliding glass doors.

Burglar bars come in various sizes. Smaller ones fit over small openings such as window frames. Larger versions cover larger areas. You can find burglar bars at hardware stores. Or you can order custom-made burglar bars online.

Burglar bars aren’t foolproof. Even if you place them correctly, there still might be ways around them. For instance, a thief can cut off the bar itself. He can remove the screws holding the bars together. Or he can simply pry the bars apart.

The best solution would be to replace all of your existing locks with high-quality deadbolt locks. These locks require special tools to pick. Plus, they offer better protection against theft than regular locks do.

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