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Don't let yourself get locked out of your own business


If you are 100 percent certain that your business safe is not accessible, which means the key is working but the combination is not, it is best to call professional locksmiths. Locksmith Palm Springs can help you gain access to a locked business safes.

It can be difficult for us to give an exact price, since the final prices will always depend on various factors such as the level of complexity of the project and whether it is possible for us to salvage the safe. The most important thing is that our technician will only start working once you are made aware of the final price and agree to the terms.

We will always prioritize preserving your business safe, and we will avoid even the smallest damage. However, the really safe business safes are designed for security and are usually made from materials that are hard to break into. We can still fix the hole in the safe but the security of said secure will already be compromised.

Not at all. We’re confident that our locksmiths can open any type of safe, no matter how difficult they may seem. So, be careful when hiring cheap, fly- by-night locksmiths. Their methods might not be safe for the contents of the safes.

It will vary. However, a good range is anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes depending on the safety and whether the client will let the safe be damaged or not.

Types Of Business Safes

The needs of different businesses will vary, so the ideal business safe will also vary depending on their use case as well as their preference and budget. One of the key considerations in this regard is the dimensions of the safe as well as the opening mechanism.

Electronic Dial

Also referred to as a digital dial, an electronic dial relies on a keypad for the input of the combination. It will not function without a power source.

Manual Dial

Manual dial is the most common type of opening mechanism, because it only uses a mechanical dial that can rotate in either direction.

Keyed Safes

These types of opening mechanisms rely on an override key, which means there’s two sets of opening mechanisms usually consisting of either a manual dial or an electronic keypad. They provide extra protection from lockouts because of the added method for opening. 

Why Business Safe Lockouts Happen

The root causes of a business safe lockout is multitude, so it is important to know their reasons because this will make it easier to find a solution:


This is when the locking mechanism suffers from physical damage, resulting in the safe getting locked. This type of damage requires a professional locksmith because it needs a more destructive means of entry.


Blockage is what happens if there is something gumming up or jamming the bolt, preventing normal unlocking. This is easier to address than breakage, because it can be fixed without damaging the lock.

Lost Key

Lost keys are easy to address if the owner has a spare key, but if the key has been lost, it is not usually a good idea to retain the lock. This is because you can’t be 100% sure that the lost key has not been stolen or fallen into unauthorized hands. 

Lost Combination

If the safe uses a combination to unlock, simply forgetting the combination could lead to problems.

No matter what the cause of the business safe lockout is, your best bet is to get help from Locksmith Palm Springs. We are open day in and day out, and we  can send one of our mobile locksmiths to any location in Indio within an hour.

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