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Protect your business with quality commercial lock installations


There are many reasons why people would need a commercial lock installation, but the most common one is that business owners will always want to enhance their building’s security – and the best way to this is by installing commercial locks in place of old locks. Commercial locks can also be installed to replace locks that are found to be vulnerable due to age or simply bad design.

The best locks for use on commercial establishments are ones that are rated as ANSU grade 1 locks. They are very strong against intruders that are using pure brute force against doors.

Most locks in use today are generally low security locks that would not pass muster when used on a commercial building. This is why you need to do proper research on various kinds of locks. You should rely on a commercial lock installation company like Locksmith Palm Springs to ensure that you are only getting the best.

The installation of a commercial lock usually takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes, but it can still vary depending on the type of lock being installed as well as the one being replaced. 

We will first examine what kind of lock is already installed before sending out a locksmith. He then takes it off carefully to ensure that there’s no damage done to the lock, even if it means removing the lock piece by piece. Finally, they install the new lock and test it thoroughly so that it works as intended.

Commercial Lock Installation

If your commercial building needs a lock replacement, you may want to consider replacing the old one with a better lock. It could also be the case that your lock isn’t very secure. Maybe it’ll be better to get a new one.

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Theft is common in business; therefore, you must always be on watch. If your locks aren’t strong enough, you might need to deal with someone entering into your business without permission and taking things.

You can choose to either replace your existing locks with new ones from the same manufacturer or upgrade your current security systems. A reliable locksmith company will be able to tell which types of locks you currently have, and replace them with new locks that are the same brand as the old ones. They also know how difficult it is to install new locks, no matter how simple they are. 

The Commercial Lock Installation Process

The locksmith will then examine the lock and gather whatever information he needs. They will review the problem and determine whether or not they can fix it without replacing the door lock. They will then attempt to determine whether they’re working with a lock, if any.

Once they know what kind of lock it was before and how the new one will integrate into the existing system, they will figure out the best way to make it work. If it is the same brand and make, the locksmith won’t need to worry about the old one. If the new lock differs greatly from the old one, then the locksmith may need to adjust the door to fit the new lock.

Then, the locksmith will remove the original lock. They will start by unscrewing the screws from the door handle. After that, the locksmith will remove the door handle, face plate, and lock mechanism.## Inputs If the lock is not a deadlock but instead a doorknock, they remove the bolts. After removing the strikeplate, the locksmith will remove the lock from the frame.

Once all of the original parts have been replaced, they will install new ones. They will first clean off any debris from the surface before applying the paint. Once they’ve installed the new strike plate, the dead bolt, cylinders and latch mechanisms will go onto the door. The faceplate will be placed on top of the door and the doorknob will be installed. They will finally install the new faceplates.

After the locksmith finishes installing your new locks, he or she will check them to ensure that they’re working properly. If there are any issues, the locksmith will resolve them and leave.

It is a very complex process and can go wrong when someone who tries it doesn’t understand the inner workings of locks. It is always best to leave it up to professionals like Locksmith Palm Springs.

Get Commercial Lock Installation from Locksmith Palm Springs

A professional locksmith will assess what needs to be fixed to open a commercial lock and then execute this plan without causing any damage. Depending on the type of lock, there are several different ways to enter a business. But if you want to get back into your business quickly and without any damage to the door or locks, you’ll need to leave it to a professional.

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