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Replacement for Transponder Key

Transponder keys are great additional security for cars compared to traditional keys. These electronic devices allow users to lock and unlock the door remotely without having to carry around a physical key. These transponder keys can also work by sending a signal to a receiver inside the car. Once the system receives the signal, it unlocks the door automatically.

Is a Transponder Key Common Among Vehicles?

Most vehicles produced in the last 20+ year have transponders built into them as part of their anti-theft measures. Remote control devices (also called remote starters) are also commonly installed with keyless entry systems for these vehicles

Transponder technology uses microchips that emit a low-powered signal that can be picked up and deciphered by a receiving device. Like key fob technology, transceivers are commonly used for vehicle security, garage door openers, and entryway access control.

With transponder keys, when the driver inserts their key into the ignition, the code stored in their transponder is sent to the receiver which is typically located on the dash board. If the codes matches, the car starts when they turn the steering wheel.

Why is a Transponder Key More Secure Than Conventional Car Keys?

Transponders are used to prevent theft of vehicles. A transponder works on the principle that if the owner knows the correct code, then the ignition system cannot start the engine. If someone tries to start the engine without knowing the correct code, the ignition system does not function. Such systems are also useful in preventing hotwiring of a car. When an unauthorized person attempts to hotwire a vehicle, he may find that his attempt fails because the ignition system is locked out. In such cases, the only option left is to call the police or tow truck service to get the vehicle back into working order.

Why is a Transponder Key More Secure Than Conventional Car Keys?

Even if you think you’ve lost your keys, don’t just assume that you won’t be able to get them back. If you need a new transponder key, new battery, or to reprogram your transponder, you need to go through your car dealership. You can expect the process to be cumbersome – after all, car dealerships don’t want to make replacement of transponder keys easy as they want car owners to be more careful with their transponder keys. 

Automotive locksmith services from The Lock Doctor can make duplicate key fobs for your vehicle using the same equipment used by automobile mechanics to make copies of broken keys. They have the knowledge and skill necessary to create an exact replica of a missing or broken remote control.

Microchips, which are tiny electronic circuits, are expensive for anyone to purchase, especially car dealers and locksmiths who can make them themselves. However, traditional keys can be duplicated quite easily and cheaply. A person without a microchip cannot unlock your vehicle if they have access to your keys. Even if you could remove the chip from your keys, it would not work because the engine of your car won’t start when the keys are inserted into the ignition.

Can I program my own transponder key myself?

In order to make the best possible use of the transponder keys, they should be programmed to work with the vehicle’s ignition system. This means that the programming must be done by an authorized technician. Otherwise, the car won’t start. You may also find that the transponder keys are no longer functional after being removed from the vehicle. The Lock Doctor can help you with this, as our mobile locksmiths can get you a copy or a replacement transponder key. Call us now to book one of our locksmiths. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we have mobile locksmiths that can reach any area in Palm Springs within an hour of placing a call.