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We can help you unlock jammed or broken file cabinets


Many file cabinet locks are very simple in function, but provide great security. There are a lot of offices that use file cabinets with a lock assembly that unlocks all the other drawers. 

The file cabinets that lock individually instead of a group, on the other hand, rely on a lever or cam on the back of the drawer. This mechanism rotates into closed or open positions via the key.

The most common file cabinets in use today generally use one of two types of locking mechanism – cam locks and electronic locks. It should be easy to find out which one your office is using, and Locksmith Palm Springs can easily service either one of them. We have more than a decade of experience as locksmiths, and we have seen every type of filing cabinet lock in existence.

While there’s nothing preventing you from attempting to break into your own file cabinet, it might not be a wise decision if you have no locksmithing experience. You may end up damaging the file cabinet itself instead of just the lock. And we all know replacing the entire file cabinet is significantly more expensive than just replacing the locking mechanism.

Yes, a drill is normally used to unlock file cabinets because the entire lock assembly relies on one keyed cylinder, which can be manipulated to pen. But great care must be taken to ensure that there’s no unnecessary damage to the rest of the cabinet.

The keys that come with a file cabinet are made specifically for that file cabinet. If you lost the key and don’t have access to spares, then your easiest and safest option is to contact a locksmith so that the cabinets can be unlocked. We can even replace the locking mechanism for you so that you can reuse the file cabinet itself.

Professional File Cabinet Lock Services

Businesses need filing cabinets for their documentation and organizing of various files, documents and records. These important documents usually need to be kept in a central place where they’re easily accessible. That means they need be locked securely, but that the locks must be easy for authorized people to open them.

It’s because there isn’t much complexity to the locks on a file cabinet in an office cubicle. It’s a thing that you use every single day, whether you need it or not. However, if you get locked out for any reason, it can be quite frustrating. It’s always better if you hire a professional locksmith for any type of lock repair, installation, or replacement.

Breaking Into Locked File Cabinets

Drilling a lock doesn’t just open any old file cabinet locks; it will also unlock most locked files. If you’re drilling the lock yourself, take care not to damage the file cabinets or yourself by doing so! A drill can unlock a wide variety of jammed locks. However, it is best left to a professional locksmith.

Hire Locksmith Palm Springs To Unlock File Cabinets

Keeping files locked up in a safe place helps keep them away from thieves and keeps them out of unauthorized personnel’s hands. If you’re having trouble opening those file drawers, we can help! Our trusted technicians are ready to take care of any problem.

We offer our services at affordable prices, so you don‘t need to know anything about lockpicking or drilling. Just give us a call. You can also leave the power drill alone and not cause any more damage to your file cabinets by dismantling it if you don’t fully understand how it works.

We provide high quality service so that your file cabinets open and shut when you want them to. To ensure your business keeps running smoothly. 


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