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Access Control Systems – Improve Security and Regulate Access


Secure your business with state-of-the-art security access control systems.

The Lock Doctor offers Access Control System solutions that include hardware sales, full installation, security consultations, RFID chip systems, digital access card systems and access system maintenance and upgrades.

Our solutions can help owners protect their business from the security risks that are plaguing many internal systems today. Prevent theft and break-ins using best-in-class security devices and hardware, as well as solutions that improve internal security. We are professional locksmiths that also offer key duplication in Palm Springs.

Our access control systems can help regulate access to some of your businesses’ most important assets, including ervers, safes, stock rooms, even IT assets. We specialize in installing, setting up, updating and testing electronic access control systems. All security equipment are installed by veteran industry experts and protected by warranties. We offer services such as Emergency Locksmith, Residential Locksmith, Commercial Locksmith, Safe Cracking, Key Duplication, and Automotive Locksmith services.


  • Have control over employee access to specific rooms and buildings
  • Capability to remove access to rooms and buildings in the case of a security breach
  • On board and off board both employees and partners into security measures
  • Maintain timestamped logs of individuals who entered and left a building or room
  • Redefine access to buildings or rooms when keys are lost, with very little time or cost required


  • Prevent intrusions and burglary, makes doors resistant to lockpicking
  • Owners can change who has access to rooms and buildings with a few keypad presses
  • Ability to change access remotely, so owners and security officers do not always need to be on site
  • Simple systems that can give trusted and authorized employees controlled access to secure areas


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Lock Doctor Palm Springs only relies on the best industry-standard equipmenty and products, which ensure that our services are supported by parts & labor warranty.

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